Making Space with a Bookshelf Reading Bench

I mentioned in my first post about how my hubby is very handy and I often put him to work on projects for my classroom.  This is one of my favorite projects he has done for my room, and the most recent.  I absolutely LOVE this bench!  Finding a spot for all of the browsing boxes each year was challenging.  This summer I was looking at classroom setups on Pinterest and found a few things I combined into THIS:

The maximum number of students per room was supposed to be 18, so I had him make it to perfectly fit 18 boxes.  Well, you guessed it... that rule changed without us being told and now I have 19.  That one little box floating around really bothers me.  If only I had known!  My mom helped me with sewing the cushion cover for the top of this bookshelf/bench.  Of course it is removable in case of any accidents, etc.  The students LOVE laying on it during Read to Self.  I like that it has a purpose in holding all of those boxes, which has now freed up space on other shelves.  Win-win.